The process is very simple. Simply select the food and click on “Calculate”. Immediately you will get the approximate glycemic index of the selected food, along with a small comparison with other similar foods.
Why is it useful to use a calculator to find out the GI of foods? Because to know the glycemic index of beverages such as alcohol and soft drinks, along with cereals, is essential when designing a healthy diet. Especially for people who suffer from diabetes, because foods with a high glycemic index can cause serious problems.

Food glycemic index

Do you know the glycemic index of fruit? And the glycemic index of beer? With this calculator you can find out the recommended daily amount of these foods and calculate the speed of digestion and the absorption of carbohydrates, which are strategic in the GI of foods. Knowing this information alongside the cooking time calculator when preparing your recipes is very important to establish a suitable glycemic index table.