Do you want to know the nutritional value of a banana? And the nutritional value of a potato? Can you tell me what the nutritional value of an egg is? Thanks to this calculator, you can calculate the nutritional value of foods that your normally eat.
Make use of this table of nutritional values and choose between each category (fruit, vegetable, dairy products etc) then the food (apple, meat, milk) and the nutrient (fibre, calcium, vitamin A). This will help you design a personalised balanced diet for you.

Nutritional value of foods

When you want a healthy diet, it isn’t enough to only use a food calorie calculator. Knowing the nutritional composition of foods is essential in creating a balanced diet.
The recommended daily amount of nutrients will not be the same if we need a diet for anemia or a diet rich in calcium for example. A nutritional value calculator, like the one below, will help you to plan a balanced menu with a nutritional composition suitable for your needs.