Iodine is a mineral found in food and is important for the body to make thyroid hormones. These hormones control the body’s metabolism along with helping bone and brain development. Iodine is particularly important for infants and for pregnant women.

Iodine is found naturally in foods such as fish, dairy products and fruit and vegetables. You can also add iodine to salt to maintain your iodine levels.

It is important to maintain iodine levels, especially when pregnant to provide enough iodine for you and your baby. Research hasn’t shown that a lack of iodine when pregnant affects the baby.

Iodine deficiency isn’t very common, however it can happen. A severe lack of iodine in the system can result in improper growth of the fetus and delayed development due to the lack of thyroid hormones. Less severe iodine deficiency can lead to a lower IQ in infants and children and a lack of concentration for adults.

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