Is iron important during pregnancy?


Being pregnant is a mixture of excitement and nerves, especially if it’s your first time experiencing pregnancy. You want to do everything right for the little life growing inside of you. During your pregnancy, there are several things that you need to be more aware of, such as the foods and nutrients that you eat.

Iron and pregnancy go hand in hand and iron is so important that it’s an essential nutrient even before pregnancy and is important for a healthy balanced diet. Iron has many benefits and it’s important to know which foods contain the most iron to ensure you don’t develop a deficiency as this can lead to anaemia amongst other symptoms.

Iron and pregnancy

Why do I need iron during pregnancy?

Iron is present in a lot of foods and is essential for maintaining the correct functioning of the body. Find out which fish contains the most iron and try and incorporate it into your diet. Iron is essential for making haemoglobin which is a type of protein that carries oxygen to other cells in the body. It is also an essential component of myoglobin which is a protein that supplies oxygen to your muscles to allow them function efficiently.

When there is a lack of iron in the body, it could result in anaemia. Iron is also important in the treatment of anaemia and helps cure general symptoms of such as fatigue, body weakness, headaches, and enhanced sensitivity to cold temperatures.


When you’re pregnant you need about twice as much more iron than when you’re not pregnant because your body needs to provide extra blood for your baby. Getting sufficient levels of iron can prevent tiredness and weakness which are side effects from anaemia. Having anaemia during your pregnancy could result in a premature birth or could result in your baby being small when born. Do you know which cereals contain the most iron? Make a note and add the top results to your daily diet.

The recommended daily amount of iron for women who aren’t pregnant need about 18 mg of iron. However pregnant women need 27 mg of iron per day.

Which foods are rich in iron?

Iron is present in a large variety of foods such as legumes (soya, beans, chickpeas), dried fruits and nuts, (cashews, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds) and cereals (teff, amaranth and oats.) Include these foods rich in iron into your recipes and snacks for a diet rich in iron. You can also opt for iron supplements but it is recommended to consult your doctor before you purchase iron tablets.

Foods rich in iron for pregnancy

Discover which legumes contain the most iron and learn how to create a menu rich in iron to benefit you and your baby. Even though you need to consume double the quantity of iron for both you and your baby, you need to take note of your calorie intake. Of course counting calories isn’t the most important thing while you’re pregnant, but you will thank yourself once your baby has been born and you are trying to get rid of the excess baby weight. In addition, consuming foods rich in iron without thinking about the calorific value isn’t recommended. Take a look at the food calorie counter and create a balanced diet specific for you and your pregnancy

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