Which fish has the most IRON?


We need iron to help our bodies function properly: iron helps our red blood cells to transport oxygen to our cells and tissues. Eating fish rich in iron can help you to avoid common nutrient deficiencies.

As a general rule, fish such as shellfish contain quantities of iron, even though, compared with red meat is much lower, the truth is that some can have up to 10% of the recommended daily amount. For example, oysters, prawns and mussels stand out amongst shellfish. Amongst fish, oily fish such as salmon and tuna stand out as having the most iron.

Below, you can find out which fish and shell fish contain the most iron per 100 grams. If you want more nutritional information about each one, all you need to do is click on the name of the food.

  • Octopus 5.3 mg each 100gr. 4.50 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Anchovies 4.63 mg each 100gr. 1.31 mg per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Oysters 4.61 mg each 100gr. 3.87 mg per serving (84 g.)
  • Mussels 3.95 mg each 100gr. 5.92 mg per serving (150 g.)
  • Tinned sardines 2.92 mg each 100gr. 4.35 mg per serving (149 g.)
  • Mackerel 1.63 mg each 100gr. 1.83 mg per serving (112 g.)
  • Clam 1.62 mg each 100gr. 1.38 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Tuna 1.02 mg each 100gr. 0.87 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Smoked salmon 0.85 mg each 100gr. 0.24 mg per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Squid 0.68 mg each 100gr. 0.19 mg per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Crayfish 0.5 mg each 100gr. 1.21 mg per serving (242 g.)
  • Cod fish 0.38 mg each 100gr. 0.32 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Scallops 0.38 mg each 100gr. 0.11 mg per serving (30 g.)
  • Salmon 0.34 mg each 100gr. 0.29 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Sea bass 0.29 mg each 100gr. 0.37 mg per serving (129 g.)
  • Lobster 0.26 mg each 100gr. 0.39 mg per serving (150 g.)
  • Halibut 0.16 mg each 100gr. 0.14 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Canned tuna each 100gr. per serving ( g.)
  • European anchovy each 100gr. per serving ( g.)
  • Shrimps each 100gr. per serving ( g.)
  • Swordfish each 100gr. per serving ( g.)
  • Prawns each 100gr. per serving ( g.)
  • Monkfish each 100gr. per serving (85 g.)
  • Cuttlefish each 100gr. per serving (85 g.)

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