The best food for the perfect Christmas!


There are a lot of varieties of the perfect Christmas dinner nowadays and some people have strayed far away from the traditional Christmas food. Regardless if you like to order a takeaway, have a ready made meal or go to the pub for your Christmas dinner, you can’t beat the good old traditional Christmas dinner which has been celebrated for years.

Many people still strive for the perfect Christmas dinner and some plan months in advance to ensure the perfect day for their friends and family. But what is a traditional dinner? And what foods are included? Different ingredients vary from region to region but take a look at this general list below to ensure you don’t forget anything for the most magical time of the year.


Turkey Christmas dinner

This is the main part of a traditional Christmas dinner. A turkey is the most common meat cooked at Christmas. Many people buy a full turkey and then there is enough left over for turkey sandwiches for the next two weeks. Turkey is also a lean white meat which is full of protein and perfect to start of the festivities in a healthy way. If turkey isn’t your thing you can opt for beef and put a twist on a traditional Sunday roast. Take a look at which other meat has the most protein to make sure you can plan the perfect diet after the Christmas period.


Now for the best part…gravy! For many people, gravy is what makes a Christmas dinner. This brown sauce can go on almost any meat and will drive your taste buds crazy. There are many different flavours of gravy and the flavour you choose will depend on the meat that you are cooking. You can get vegetable, chicken or beef flavoured gravy and it’s the perfect topping to make a Christmas dinner truly special.

Carrots and suede

It’s important to add some vegetables into the Christmas dinner to create the perfect ‘meat and two veg’ dish. Carrots are always present within a Sunday roast, and Christmas dinner is no exception. Carrots contain many vitamins and minerals and are perfect to ensure you maintain your essential nutrient levels during the festive period. Carrots are usually accompanied by suede and they can be dished separately or mashed together.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts xmas dinner

Brussels sprouts usually have a bad name and people either love them or hate them. What ever your feelings towards brussels sprouts, it wouldn’t be a proper Christmas dinner without them. Another vegetable full of essential nutrients to keep your immune system functioning properly during the cold winter months. This vegetable comes from the cabbage family and are usually always present at the Christmas dinner table…perfect dipped in gravy!

Sausages wrapped in bacon

Another Christmas dinner favourite, these usually only come out for Christmas dinner and you can usually find family members fighting over the last one. You can buy sausages wrapped in bacon ready made or you can prepare them yourself. They are very simple to make and are a definite favourite in a Christmas dinner.


Stuffing is a side dish commonly associated with turkey but it can also be enjoyed throughout the year and with many types of meat. The traditional stuffing recipe contains dried bread, cooking liquid and seasoning. Many other ingredients can be added to produce a unique dish. The recipe can be cooked in the cavity of a turkey or chicken or it can be cooked in a separate dish. But you can’t have turkey without stuffing!

Cranberry sauce

Cranberries xmas dinner

Cranberry sauce is usually associated with Christmas dinner and is obviously made from cranberries. You can buy ready made cranberry sauce or you can make your own. The most basic cranberry sauce consists of cranberries boiled in sugar water until the berries pop and the mixture thickens. Some recipes include other ingredients such as almonds, orange juice, zest, ginger, maple syrup, port, or cinnamon.

Yorkshire puddings

A favourite ingredient all year round and always present in a Christmas dinner. Yorkshire puddings are a mixture of eggs, flour and milk and from these ingredients, you can also make pancakes. It’s the perfect ingredient to go along side beef or turkey and smothered in gravy!

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