Foods to avoid with braces


Braces are study and strong orthodontic appliances which are used to help correct teeth, however you should take care with the foods that you eat to ensure that they are kept in the best condition possible. Some foods can get stuck in braces and cause problems and can therefore damage the braces.

Generally soft food such as bananas and melons are recommended when eating with braces as these types of food are less likely to get stuck in them. You should avoid sticky, hard or chewy foods to prevent damage to your braces and an unnecessary trip back to the orthodontist.

What not to eat with braces

You should try and eliminate any foods that can stick to your teeth or braces, there are many foods that can easily get caught and can cause damage.

Sticky candy or cereal bars – they can bend and break your braces. Avoid nuts or any kind of granola which are hard to chew.

Foods and braces

Sticky or chewy sweets – are also advisable not to eat as they not only contain a lot of sugar but they can also get caught in your braces. Not only will reducing your intake of sweets reduce the chances of damaging your braces, it will be a healthier diet. Find out which foods contain the most sugar and plan a healthier diet low in sugar.

Chewing gum – It is recommended to not chew on chewing gum while you have braces as this is the ultimate sticky substance. Gum can stick to many things including braces and can get stuck in between your braces very easily. Gum has no essential nutrients and you don’t need it in your diet. Try and eliminate it from your diet to keep your braces functioning properly.

Foods you shouldnt eat with braces

Ice –  Crunching ice is a definite no-no. Ice is a hard substance and especially crunching ice can cause your brackets to come loose. Even if it’s during the summer months and you want to cool down, don’t crunch on ice with your braces. Either let it melt in your mouth or curb the habit all together. Your teeth, braces and orthodontist with thank you for it in the long run.

Hard or crunchy bread – This can damage your braces on your front teeth as it is hard to eat. You should avoid hard crunchy bread as it can get stuck in your braces and can damage the wires.

Foods with braces

Raw vegetables – Even though raw vegetables are great for a healthy balanced diet and are perfect for a healthy balanced diet, they can be very hard to eat and can cause problems with your braces. To ensure you are getting all the nutrients that you need without damaging your braces, make sure all vegetables are cooked and are soft to chew.

What to eat with braces

When you are wearing braces, you should eat food that have the reverse properties from the list of food above. There are a few foods that you shouldn’t eat during your time with braces, but there are more foods that you can eat with braces. When wearing braces, foods should be softer and less sticky to prevent food sticking into your braces. You can maintain your recommended daily amount of carbohydrates as this food group is acceptable to eat with braces. You can eat things such as pasta, potatoes and soft bread. Fruits and most soft vegetables are acceptable if they are soft to chew and easy to eat. Meat is also fine to eat as long as you cut the meat up and avoid eating meat off the bone.

Foods to eat with braces

Maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet is important for everyone’s teeth and overall health regardless of having braces or not. The healthier you are, the better the results of your orthodontic treatment as a healthy diet provides all the essential nutrients to bones and tissues undergoing change.

If you stick with a good food plan while you have braces, you’re sure to stay on track for beautiful, healthy teeth!

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