Which foods kill belly fat?


We all want that washboard stomach whether it’s for looking good on the beach or to make us feel healthier about ourselves. Having a toned stomach shows how healthy we are and that we like to look after ourselves. However, obtaining a flat stomach is easier said than done and requires a little bit of patience. Firstly, you should find out which are the fattiest foods and eliminate them from your diet.

Every week there is a different theory, super food or miracle diet in the papers and magazines meaning that the health industry is booming and earning millions of money each year. It’s hard to know which sources to trust because each one says different things. The first thing to remember is that everyone is different. What might work for someone else, might not work for you. We have different lifestyles and daily diets and therefore miracle diets and advice works differently for different people.

Foods to fight belly fat

Belly fat burning foods

Amongst all the weight loss pills, supplements and other weight loss theories, there is one that still stands. A healthy balanced diet combined with exercise. Take a look at these foods that can help you get started.


Do you regularly skip breakfast in the morning? This can cause you to crave sweet things throughout the day. Eating oats in the morning can keep you feeling fuller for longer thanks to the high fibre content which takes longer to digest. There are many different varieties of oatmeal, so always choose the one without any added sugar or sweetener. You can always add fruit to make a sweeter taste.

To maintain a low sugar diet, find out which foods have the least sugar and try to incorporate them into your diet.


All types of nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds and almonds amongst others will help to keep your stomach trim because they keep you feeling fuller for longer. They also contain essential oils and minerals. You should avoid salted nuts and always opt for plain nuts as extra sodium will increase your blood pressure.

Nuts should be eaten with moderation as even though they contain essential oils and minerals, an excess of nuts can cause you to put on weight. Use the food calorie counter to keep an eye on your calorie intake.


Foods to burn belly fat

Not just any type of meat…to keep the belly fat at bay you should consume lean or white meat. Studies have proven that chicken and fish scientifically burn fat. Also another benefits of eating proteins is that your body will burn 30% of its calories after eating protein-rich foods.


Legumes such as black beans and red beans are all rich in fibre and will help your body get rid of toxins. They are also low in calories and high in protein which will help you lose weight and tone up. Once a week try replacing a meat dish with a recipe that includes legumes such as a bean burrito for example and you will eventually see an improvement in your metabolism. 

Green vegetables

Vegetables such as kale, broccoli and spinach are all packed with essential vitamins and minerals and have very few calories. Broccoli and spinach are especially loaded with fibre, which helps speed up your metabolism and reduces constipation.

Peanut butter

Foods to kill belly fat

Peanut butter prevents belly bloating by keeping the digestive system functioning properly thanks to a key ingredient called niacin. Just like nuts and seeds, peanut butter keeps you felling fuller for longer.

However, peanut butter has a lot of fat, and you should limit your portion size. Two tablespoons a day is enough. And when you go shopping, make sure you choose natural peanut butter and avoid added sugar.

Green tea

Green tea is packed with anti-oxidants, which are believed to speed up your metabolism and burn fat. To get the full benefits of green tea, it is recommended to drink at least four cups of green tea per day. You can also drink it hot or cold.

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