What are the fattiest foods?


It’s true that everything that we eat tastes better when it’s not healthy for us, even more so when it contains a mountain of calories. But what is it about unhealthy food that we just can’t resist?

Are you on a health kick and want to avoid the fattiest foods? Or are you just curious? Whatever the reason it’s always good to know which foods contain the most fat. Eating fatty foods is acceptable but only in moderation. Eating excess of fatty foods can cause heart problems and can cause you to put on weight. Of course in our diets there are good fat and bad fats, but we are predominantly talking about bad fats and the fats that you should only consume in moderation.

Take a look at this list of fatty foods and make a note of the ones you need to avoid.

Chicken fried steak with cream gravy

This is basically a meal with fat on fat on fat. A steak, which is a fatty piece of meat to start with is then battered and fried in fat and a cream sauce is then added on top. This is a particular favourite in restaurants and versions of this dish can contain up to 81 grams of fat, a figure that definitely surpasses your recommended daily amount. But for your weight loss goals and overall health it’s a definite no.

Pecan pie

In order to make pecan pie, you need a lot of butter, pecans and corn syrup and bake it until it sets. One of the nations favourite puddings, it’s delicious but also very fattening. In some varieties one slice of pecan pie can have 23 grams of fat!



Like all types of meat, beef contains some fatty cuts of meat while other cuts are more leaner. But in beef, even the leaner cuts of meat contains fat. For example at Longhorn Steakhouse their leanest cut, the flatiron steak, contains 16 grams of fat in a 7 ounce portion. To make matters worse, some steak houses pour butter or beef fat over the piece of meat before it is sent to the table.

Super-premium ice cream

These ice creams such as Ben and Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs for example are some of the most fattening dairy products around because they contain little air and a lot of butterfat. For example, 106 grams of their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream contains 16 grams of fat, meaning that 15 percent of their ice cream is pure butterfat. And that right there is why it’s so creamy and delicious and everybody loves it.


Sausages and ribs

Sausages are usually made with the shoulder of a pig which is one of the most fattiest part of the animal. Sausages are notorious for not containing the best quality of meat and can contain a mixture of meat contents. You can get sausages with very little fat and others contain high levels of fat. Add pastry around a sausage and you will up the fat content. But we just can’t resist a Greggs sausage roll! Take a look at which meats have the least cholesterol to ensure a healthy diet.

Rib meat contains a lot of fat, and because there isn’t much meat on there to start with, people tend to eat more of it. Depending where you order the ribs from will obviously vary the calorie content. But in some restaurants a full 1.5 pound rack of ribs can contain a crazy 94 grams of fat. If you don’t want a trip to the cardiologist, find out which meats contain the least fat and eliminate the dishes in this list from your diet.

Fat + fat = a whole lot of fat. But not all fat in our diets is bad fat. Ounce for ounce, nuts are the most fat-dense foods on earth, but thankfully they contain fat which is very high in monounsaturated fat, actually promoting overall health. A one-cup serving of almonds, for example, weighs 92 grams and contains 45 grams of fat, meaning it contains nearly 49 percent fat. But don’t panic…it’s healthy fat!

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