Which foods have the least CALCIUM?


Calcium is a fundamental mineral in our diet because it helps develop our bones and teeth. Therefore, knowing which foods contain the least amount of calcium is essential when designing a diet rich in calcium. In this ranking below, you won’t only discover the foods which have the least amount of calcium, but also the quantity consumed in each portion.

Foods low in calcium

As you can see from the table, the fruits and vegetables are foods that contain less calcium and should be included in a low calcium diet along with cereals. Calcium is essential for our bodies, but too much calcium can cause negative effects therefore you should monitor your daily intake by calculating the recommended daily allowance that you should consume.

Of course, don’t forget the calorific index that comes with calcium-rich food. Consult our food calorie calculator and get an idea of the number of calories you consume with each meal. Thanks to this, you can always follow a balanced diet.

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