Which foods are rich in iodine?


Iodine is a vital nutrient for our bodies and health. It is essential for our diets as it regulates thyroid function, boosts our metabolism and aids in our growth and development.

It has been reported that many people don’t consume enough iodine in their diets and therefore have iodine deficiency which ultimately leads to negative health consequences. You can check how much iodine you should be getting by consulting the recommended daily amount. By using this table you can monitor and adapt your diet to ensure you are meeting your daily needs.

Foods rich in iodine

Iodine is present throughout the body and is used by every bodily system in order to function correctly. Therefore it is advisable to avoid a lack of iodine in your diet. Thyroid disorders are one of the main problems of iodine deficiency. Thyroids balance hormones and problems can lead to fatigue, weight gain or weight loss. Take a look at the list below to ensure your diet is rich in iodine.

Dairy products

You will find iodine in many unpasteurised dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese. Studies have shown that dairy products are big contributors of iodine and can maintain your iodine levels. The level of iodine depends on the quality of the animal’s diets and where they graze as the amount of iodine depends on the soil and fertiliser.


Fish are rich in iodine and can supply the body with adequate quantities of iodine. You can eat tuna, cod and swordfish to maintain your iodine levels. We rely on iodine to produce different hormones which are vital for different functions within the body. If you include fish in your diet several times during a week you will have sufficient iodine levels.


Iodine is usually present in most fruit and vegetables but the quantity depends on the quality of the soil and the growing process of the crops. But you can find iodine in fruits such as strawberries and bananas. Maintaining your iodine levels during pregnancy is important to maintain the help and development of the fetus. Iron is also important during pregnancy. Discover why iron is important during pregnancy and learn how you can consume adequate nutrient levels.


Seaweed is one of the highest iodine-rich foods and can help you avoid a deficiency in iodine. Iodine comes in the form of salts and thanks to the salt water of the sea, seaweed contains a high content. You can find iodine in iodised salt and can be found in the forms of sodium and potassium. You can find out which foods contain the most sodium and create the perfect diet to avoid a deficiency in iodine.


Legumes are also high in iodine. You can consume lima beans and green beans to ensure you maintain the recommended daily amount of iodine. Having sufficient amounts of iodine in your body will prevent skin conditions and improve your metabolism. Find out which other foods can help improve your metabolism. This way you can reach your weight loss goals.

Remember that the recommended daily amount gives a guide of what we should be consuming each day. You shouldn’t exceed these amounts in big quantities. Too much iodine, for example can have negative effects. Therefore you should follow the guide and adapt your diet accordingly.

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