Tips to increase your metabolism


Do you know what the word metabolism means? Sometimes, we use this expression to justify sedentary lifestyles or being overweight, but in reality metabolism is a chemical reaction in the body with living cells. It consists of transforming food into energy.

When we speak about metabolism, there is a difference between a fast metabolism and a slow metabolism. The difference is the time it takes the human body to use the energy from food. A fast metabolism is capable of burning more calories and therefore makes it easier to lose weight more than someone who has a slow metabolism.

A fast or slow metabolism depends on the genetic makeup of each person. If you want to know how to improve your metabolism, it isn’t sufficient enough to just follow a few simple tips. The same applies with losing weight. It depends on your motivation and conviction.

How to improve your metabolism

  • Increase the intensity of your work out – During your next daily work out, turn up the tempo of your intervals. Whether you’re running, swimming or walking, do a 30 second period of high intensity exercise and then return to your normal speed. Have 30 seconds rest and then repeat several times. This way your cells will work harder to burn more energy, making you fitter in the process.Increase metabolism
  • Work on your muscles – Most of us know that muscle weighs more than fat, but they also use more energy too. Incorporating a weight training program into your weekly routine will ensure that your muscles keep burning the extra calories and therefore will use more energy.
  • Don’t cut the calories – You are trying to lose weight and therefore not cutting the calories can seem like an odd thing to do. But if you reduce your calorie intake your metabolism things that the body’s energy sources are low and therefore will reduce the amount of calories it uses. However this doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you like. Maintain a healthy diet by following the recommended daily amount of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Enjoy the after burn – We all know when we have worked hard at the gym if our muscles hurt the following day or even hours after. Enjoy this feeling as even though your body isn’t in work out mode, your muscles are using energy to recuperate your muscles and repair the cell damage. Your metabolism is still working hard to return your body to its normal state.
  • Follow a diet plan – There are certain foods that can boost your metabolism, and therefore adding these specific foods into your diet and snacks can help improve your metabolism and therefore help with your weight loss goals.

Foods to speed up your metabolism

Joined with a weekly workout, a healthy diet with specific foods can help the natural process of revving up your metabolism. Here are several foods that have been proven to help speed up metabolism if consumed alongside a weekly workout regime.


It is well known that fish is a food group that contains a high level of protein, and is a food that can help sky rocket your metabolism. Do you know which fish has the most protein?

Fishes such as salmon and sword fish are rich in Omega 3 and these fish, amongst others can help your body to consume more energy.

Foods to speed up metabolism

Lean meat

Chicken breast, rabbit and turkey are foods that, just like fish, have high levels of protein. Adding these foods to your diet, will activate your metabolism and help your body to consume more energy. Remember that you should always remove the fat from these meats before you start to cook them as doing this will be more effective for your metabolism and your body.

Green tea and coffee

Drinking 3-4 cups of coffee or Green tea each day will help to activate your metabolism and help your body to consume more energy. In addition, the antioxidant elements from green tea also contain components to help with weight loss.

Green tea to speed up metabolism


Fruits such as apples, pears, melon and water melon are fruits that can help you to lose weight. Fruit helps to satisfy your hunger and thirst and will therefore keep those unnecessary sweet cravings at bay.

Now you know how to increase your metabolism. Make sure you apply these tips to your daily life in order to help you lose weight easily.

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