The Best Vitamins For A Healthy Liver


Eating the wrong foods can cause the liver to become overworked. The liver is an important part of the body that helps to clear toxic waste so we must look after it as we would our eyesight or our skin. The liver removes harmful substances from the bloodstream as well as helping us digest the best nutrients from the food we eat so we need a healthy diet to allow our body to absorb vitamins good for the liver. Excessive drinking and overeating are common ways in which the liver can become damaged but the simplest way to avoid any risk to our health is by introducing more natural vitamins into our meals.

Vitamin C Is Good For The Liver

The liver can easily be protected by making sure your diet is rich in vitamin C foods. Vitamin C helps to get rid of fatty acids from the liver, allowing the largest organ in our body to function more successfully. Adding citrus fruits like grapefruit into your diet will help cleanse the liver by letting it produce more detoxification enzymes. Lemons are also helpful for the liver as they aid the digestion processBlueberries and pumpkin are other great sources of vitamin C for the liver as they also have antioxidant properties.


A Healthy Liver With Vitamin A, D and E

Broccoli is a vegetable rich in both vitamin A and C and is said to allow the liver, and the rest of the body, to build new cells for protection against disease and infection. Vitamin A is also useful in boosting the immune system. In a similar way, spinach is also rich in vitamin A and C and is not just healthy for your hair but for your liver too. Other leafy greens, such as lettuce, are able to breakdown harmful chemicals in our foods in order to protect the liver.

Vitamin D deficiencies are often connected with liver disfunction and problems such as hepatitis. New studies have shown the relationship between a lack of vitamin D in the blood to high levels of the hepatitis B virus. As well as improving the immune system, vitamin D is said to help your metabolism and keep your liver as active as it should be. Almonds, oats, soybeans and salmon are all good foods to incorporate into a daily diet to ensure a healthy liver.


To introduce more vitamin E into your diet, try adding natural vegetable oil sources and nuts into your food. Walnuts are a great in helping the liver during its cleansing process. Mainly through detoxifying ammonia, walnuts support the liver in flushing away toxins.

Other Foods For A Healthy Liver

Garlic, avocado and apples are more crucial foods that are important to the liver during its cleansing process. They all help the liver to rid toxic substances, cleanse the body and purify our bloodstream. One ingredient that is also said to be good for a healthy liver is turmeric as it is a natural detoxifier. By adding small amounts of the spice into cooking, it can help the body to digest the fats it needs and also stimulates the production of bile that is used by the liver during digestion.


An easy way to ensure a healthy liver by getting as much vitamins as possible in your body is to make vegetable juices. In this way, you can drink up several vitamins good for the liver at one time and vary your vegetable intake through different recipes and flavours. Vegetable juices contain less sugar sugar than fruit juices and can often be incorporated easily into a diet for a detoxifying body cleanse. Carrots, celery, beetroot, cucumber, tomato and ginger are all rich in the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy liver.

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