Which fish has the most PROTEIN?


Proteins are essential molecules that help maintain and develop the cells in our bodies. White fish and oily fish are foods rich in proteins and we should add them to a balanced diet in order to take advantage of their benefits. However, and like all food groups, each different type of fish contains a different quantity of protein. Take a look at this ranking and make a note of which fish has the most protein and the quantity per serving.

Fish, dairy products and legumes are foods rich in protein and they should be added to our diets, and thanks to the food protein calculator you can find out the exact figures of this nutrient in our diets.

On the other hand, you should be careful with the quantity of fish that you consume as fish can be quite calorific. Therefore it is advisable to use the food calorie counter to control your consummation of calories.

How much protein in fish?

Thanks to this food protein table specific to fish, you can find out how much protein in white fish and the quantity of protein in oily fish and try to incorporate them into your recipes.

Finally, don’t forget that a daily exercise routine is advisable for a diet rich in protein. This way, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Anchovies 28.89 g each 100gr. 8.19 g per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Tinned sardines 24.62 g each 100gr. 36.68 g per serving (149 g.)
  • Tuna 23.33 g each 100gr. 19.83 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Salmon 20.42 g each 100gr. 17.36 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Mackerel 18.6 g each 100gr. 20.83 g per serving (112 g.)
  • Halibut 18.56 g each 100gr. 15.78 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Sea bass 18.43 g each 100gr. 23.77 g per serving (129 g.)
  • Smoked salmon 18.28 g each 100gr. 5.18 g per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Cod fish 17.81 g each 100gr. 15.14 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Lobster 16.52 g each 100gr. 24.78 g per serving (150 g.)
  • Cuttlefish 16.24 g each 100gr. 13.80 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Squid 15.58 g each 100gr. 4.42 g per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Octopus 14.91 g each 100gr. 12.67 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Clam 14.67 g each 100gr. 12.47 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Monkfish 14.48 g each 100gr. 12.31 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Scallops 12.06 g each 100gr. 3.62 g per serving (30 g.)
  • Mussels 11.9 g each 100gr. 17.85 g per serving (150 g.)
  • Oysters 5.71 g each 100gr. 4.80 g per serving (84 g.)
  • Crayfish 1.5 g each 100gr. 1.71 g per serving (242 g.)
  • Canned tuna each 100gr. per serving ( g.)
  • European anchovy each 100gr. per serving ( g.)
  • Shrimps each 100gr. per serving ( g.)
  • Swordfish each 100gr. per serving ( g.)
  • Prawns each 100gr. per serving ( g.)

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