Which meat has the most PROTEIN?


Meat is a food rich in protein which helps to repair and produce cells in our bodies and helps to the development of children, adolescents and pregnant women. Therefore, knowing which meat contains proteins is essential when creating a balanced diet. If you want to know the quantity of protein in meat, take a look at this ranking that we have prepared.

How much protein in meat?

Do you know how much protein there is in chicken? Or how much in ham? Could you tell me how much protein there is in pork? Whatever the question, the truth is that animal proteins are important when creating a diet rich in protein.

It’s essential to know that not all meats are suitable for a healthy diet because of their high calorie content. Therefore it’s necessary to know which meats contain the least calories and also to use the food calorie calculator when consuming some meats that appear in the list.

  • Pork 27.32 g each 100gr. 23.22 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Chicken 24.68 g each 100gr. 34.55 g per serving (140 g.)
  • Lamb 24.52 g each 100gr. 20.84 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Beef 24.38 g each 100gr. 20.72 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Chorizo 24.1 g each 100gr. 6.83 g per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Turkey 23.34 g each 100gr. 19.84 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Beef liver 19.93 g each 100gr. 5.65 g per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Pork loin 19.74 g each 100gr. 16.78 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Veal 18.58 g each 100gr. 15.79 g per serving (85 g.)
  • Serrano ham 18.43 g each 100gr. 15.48 g per serving ( g.)
  • Chicken liver 16.92 g each 100gr. 7.44 g per serving (44 g.)
  • Ham 16.5 g each 100gr. 4.62 g per serving (28 g.)
  • Frankfurt sausage 10.26 g each 100gr. 5.34 g per serving (52 g.)

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