Which meat has the most IRON?


Meat is one of the iron-rich foods that you should add to a balanced diet, especially if you suffer from anaemia. In the following ranking you can discover which meats have the most iron and consult and find out the exact quantity of iron per portion.

We are always talking about the different types of red and white meat and which one is healthier and which one contains the least amount of fat. Knowing which meat has the least amount of fat is essential when searching for meats rich in iron.

How much iron in meat?

Controlling the recommended daily amount of iron will be essential when planning meals with foods that appear in this iron table specific to meat. As you can see, chorizo, chicken, Franfurt sausage and beef are high in iron and should be included in our diets.

However, and even though chorizo is rich in iron, you should consume it in moderation to monitor the calories. How do you do it? With the food calorie calculator.

  • Chicken liver 8.99 mg each 100gr. 3.96 mg per serving (44 g.)
  • Beef liver 6.4 mg each 100gr. 1.81 mg per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Lamb 1.88 mg each 100gr. 1.60 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Chorizo 1.59 mg each 100gr. 0.45 mg per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Veal 1.37 mg each 100gr. 1.16 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Chicken 1.16 mg each 100gr. 1.62 mg per serving (140 g.)
  • Frankfurt sausage 1.09 mg each 100gr. 0.57 mg per serving (52 g.)
  • Beef 0.99 mg each 100gr. 0.84 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Pork 0.87 mg each 100gr. 0.74 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Ham 0.83 mg each 100gr. 0.23 mg per serving (28 g.)
  • Pork loin 0.79 mg each 100gr. 0.67 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Turkey 0.76 mg each 100gr. 0.65 mg per serving (85 g.)
  • Serrano ham each 100gr. per serving ( g.)

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