Which legumes have the most IRON?


Many people know that legumes contain a lot of iron. But how much? Not all legumes have the same amount of iron. Iron is a necessary nutrient to help our bodies function properly. Iron is also vital to transport oxygen to cells and different tissues in our bodies.

Many people choose not to add legumes into their diet due to their calorie content; the truth is that they are necessary for our bodies. You can check how many calories there are in each food group using the food calorie calculator.

Legumes rich in iron

In the following table, you can see the order of legumes with the most iron, going from highest to lowest. The classification has been done based on 100 grams of each legume. You can also take a look at other tables with more nutritional information to find out different nutritional aspects.

  • Soya bean 15.7 mg each 100gr. 29.20 mg per serving (186 g.)
  • Black beans 8.7 mg each 100gr. 16.01 mg per serving (184 g.)
  • Red beans 8.2 mg each 100gr. 15.09 mg per serving (184 g.)
  • White beans 5.49 mg each 100gr. 11.42 mg per serving (208 g.)
  • Tofu 5.36 mg each 100gr. 6.65 mg per serving (124 g.)
  • Spotted beans 5.07 mg each 100gr. 9.79 mg per serving (193 g.)
  • Lupin 4.36 mg each 100gr. 7.85 mg per serving (180 g.)
  • Chickpeas 4.31 mg each 100gr. 8.62 mg per serving (200 g.)
  • Lentils 3.33 mg each 100gr. 6.59 mg per serving (198 g.)
  • Haricot beans 2.39 mg each 100gr. 4.49 mg per serving (188 g.)
  • Broad beans 1.55 mg each 100gr. 1.95 mg per serving (126 g.)
  • Sweet peas 1.47 mg each 100gr. 2.13 mg per serving (145 g.)
  • Green beans 0.5 mg each 100gr. 1.21 mg per serving (242 g.)
  • Tempeh each 100gr. per serving (166 g.)

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