Which legumes have the least PROTEIN?


You already know that protein is an essential fuel for our bodies, but do you know which legumes contain the least amount of protein? You might already know which foods have the most protein, but thanks to this list ranked from lowest to highest, you can find out which legumes contain the least protein.

When creating a protein rich diet, many specialists recommend white meat because they are rich in protein but low in fat and calories.

Which legumes have the least protein?

The following table of legumes with the least protein is ranked on the quantity of protein per 100 grams.

If you are looking for a specific food that doesn’t feature in this list, then its possible that it isn’t in the top 20 or it isn’t classified as a legume. Use this food protein calculator to know the exact quantity of protein in a food per 100 grams.

  • Green beans 1.5 g each 100gr. 1.71 g per serving (242 g.)
  • Sweet peas 5.42 g each 100gr. 7.86 g per serving (145 g.)
  • Haricot beans 7.8 g each 100gr. 14.66 g per serving (188 g.)
  • Broad beans 7.92 g each 100gr. 9.98 g per serving (126 g.)
  • Tofu 8.08 g each 100gr. 10.02 g per serving (124 g.)
  • Lentils 9.02 g each 100gr. 17.86 g per serving (198 g.)
  • Tempeh 20.29 g each 100gr. 33.68 g per serving (166 g.)
  • Chickpeas 20.47 g each 100gr. 40.94 g per serving (200 g.)
  • Black beans 21.25 g each 100gr. 39.10 g per serving (184 g.)
  • Spotted beans 21.42 g each 100gr. 41.34 g per serving (193 g.)
  • White beans 22.33 g each 100gr. 46.45 g per serving (208 g.)
  • Red beans 23.58 g each 100gr. 43.39 g per serving (184 g.)
  • Lupin 36.17 g each 100gr. 65.11 g per serving (180 g.)
  • Soya bean 36.49 g each 100gr. 67.87 g per serving (186 g.)

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