Which legumes contain the most CALCIUM?


Legumes are a natural source of calcium. This can be a surprise as many people think the main source of calcium is from dairy products. Dairy products definitely lead the calcium tables, but they are closely followed by legumes.

Calcium is an essential nutrient which helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones, but it also benefits our muscles, nerves and tendons. Take the recommended daily amount of calcium to help the body fight osteoporosis.

If you don’t include legumes in your daily diet, it’s best to rethink your diet. They are a food group that provides your body with energy, calcium, fibre and natural proteins. If you have any doubts because of the calorie content, you can make use of a food calorie calculator.

Legumes rich in calcium

In the following table, you will find out which legumes contain the most amount of calcium for your body. As you can see, soybeans, lupins and beans are at the top of the list. If you would like more nutritional information, or information about the benefits and properties of each one of the foods, then just click on the name to access the complete information.

  • Tofu 350 mg each 100gr. 434 mg per serving (124 g.)
  • Soya bean 277 mg each 100gr. 515 mg per serving (186 g.)
  • Lupin 176 mg each 100gr. 317 mg per serving (180 g.)
  • Black beans 160 mg each 100gr. 294 mg per serving (184 g.)
  • White beans 147 mg each 100gr. 306 mg per serving (208 g.)
  • Red beans 143 mg each 100gr. 263 mg per serving (184 g.)
  • Spotted beans 113 mg each 100gr. 218 mg per serving (193 g.)
  • Chickpeas 57 mg each 100gr. 114 mg per serving (200 g.)
  • Broad beans 37 mg each 100gr. 47 mg per serving (126 g.)
  • Sweet peas 25 mg each 100gr. 36 mg per serving (145 g.)
  • Lentils 19 mg each 100gr. 38 mg per serving (198 g.)
  • Haricot beans 17 mg each 100gr. 32 mg per serving (188 g.)
  • Green beans 10 mg each 100gr. 24 mg per serving (242 g.)
  • Tempeh each 100gr. per serving (166 g.)

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