Which legumes have the least CALORIES?


Legumes are necessary in a balanced diet, even though many people ask if they should be included when trying to lose weight. However, it’s a nutritional myth that legumes contain a lot of calories. In fact, legumes are very healthy and even though some legumes contain a large number of calories, the truth is that they are low in saturated fats and are rich in protein, therefore they are healthy food.

For example, 100 grams of lentils only contain 116 calories, but also contain a large quantity of fibre, iron and protein. If you want to find out more information about calories, don’t hesitate to look at our food calorie calculator, along with the other nutritional tools.

With the following table of legumes and their calories, you can see which legumes contain the least amount of calories. If you want more information about each one, just click on the name and you will be able to see a nutritional file of each legume.

  • Soya bean 446 kcal each 100gr. 830 kcal per serving (186 g.)
  • Chickpeas 378 kcal each 100gr. 756 kcal per serving (200 g.)
  • Lupin 371 kcal each 100gr. 668 kcal per serving (180 g.)
  • Spotted beans 347 kcal each 100gr. 670 kcal per serving (193 g.)
  • Black beans 339 kcal each 100gr. 624 kcal per serving (184 g.)
  • White beans 337 kcal each 100gr. 701 kcal per serving (208 g.)
  • Red beans 333 kcal each 100gr. 613 kcal per serving (184 g.)
  • Tempeh 192 kcal each 100gr. 319 kcal per serving (166 g.)
  • Lentils 116 kcal each 100gr. 230 kcal per serving (198 g.)
  • Haricot beans 115 kcal each 100gr. 216 kcal per serving (188 g.)
  • Broad beans 88 kcal each 100gr. 111 kcal per serving (126 g.)
  • Sweet peas 81 kcal each 100gr. 117 kcal per serving (145 g.)
  • Tofu 76 kcal each 100gr. 94 kcal per serving (124 g.)
  • Green beans 69 kcal each 100gr. 79 kcal per serving (242 g.)

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