Which legumes have the most CALORIES?


Are legumes fattening because they contain a lot of calories? Should you stop eating legumes if you’re on a diet? Thanks to this ranking you can find out which legumes have the most calories and how many calories you consume per 100 grams.

However, just like other food groups, calories are not the only thing that you should focus on. Legumes are a natural source with lots of nutrients such as fibre, protein and fibre. If you want to know how many calories in a specific food, you can use the food calorie calculator.

Which legumes are the most fattening?

In the following table, you will find the list of legumes and their calories ordered from most to least. As you can see, soya beans, chickpeas and lupine are the most calorific legumes and green beans are close behind.

If you want to access more nutritional information, you can click on each food name in the list below.

  • Soya bean 446 kcal each 100gr. 830 kcal per serving (186 g.)
  • Chickpeas 378 kcal each 100gr. 756 kcal per serving (200 g.)
  • Lupin 371 kcal each 100gr. 668 kcal per serving (180 g.)
  • Spotted beans 347 kcal each 100gr. 670 kcal per serving (193 g.)
  • Black beans 339 kcal each 100gr. 624 kcal per serving (184 g.)
  • White beans 337 kcal each 100gr. 701 kcal per serving (208 g.)
  • Red beans 333 kcal each 100gr. 613 kcal per serving (184 g.)
  • Tempeh 192 kcal each 100gr. 319 kcal per serving (166 g.)
  • Lentils 116 kcal each 100gr. 230 kcal per serving (198 g.)
  • Haricot beans 115 kcal each 100gr. 216 kcal per serving (188 g.)
  • Broad beans 88 kcal each 100gr. 111 kcal per serving (126 g.)
  • Sweet peas 81 kcal each 100gr. 117 kcal per serving (145 g.)
  • Tofu 76 kcal each 100gr. 94 kcal per serving (124 g.)
  • Green beans 69 kcal each 100gr. 79 kcal per serving (242 g.)

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