Calcium is an essential nutrient for our bodies and is mostly present in bones and teeth. It’s an important element to ensure optimal bone health, efficient muscle and nerve function and overall cardiovascular health.

Calcium is mostly know for maintaining and building strong bones and teeth, but it’s also required for the correct functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system. It also helps maintain normal blood pressure and blood clotting.

If you have a lack of calcium in your body, you can have side effects such as muscle cramps and tiredness. In children, a deficiency of calcium can affect their development.

When we think of calcium we automatically think of dairy products. Yes of course dairy products have the highest calcium content but you can find calcium in a variety of foods. Legumes, vegetables and cereals all contain calcium. Find out which cereals contain the most calcium and incorporate them into your diet.

If you are getting most of your calcium from dairy products, we recommending using the food calorie counter to monitor your calorie intake as it is well known that dairy products are high in calories.

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