Which cereals have the most CALCIUM?


Calcium is an essential mineral which helps develop and maintain bones and teeth, and even though we think of dairy products as the most important foods with calcium, the truth is that cereals are also rich in calcium. In the following ranking, you can find out which cereals have the most calcium.

Which cereals are rich in calcium?

If you need a diet rich in calcium but you are looking for food with calcium that doesn’t contain lactose, you can count on teff, amaranth, bread and rye bread. All these foods contain essential calcium for a healthy diet.

It is sufficient to consume foods with calcium once or for one week. You should be consistent and you should be aware of the recommended daily amount. It is essential for our bones to help strengthen and maintain them.

In addition, you can calculate the number of calories that you consume with these types of food. But it is always recommended to maintain a daily exercise routine to counterbalance the calories consumed. How do you do it? You can use the food calorie calculator.

  • Oatmeal 58 mg each 100gr. 55 mg per serving (94 g.)
  • Oats 52 mg each 100gr. 42 mg per serving (81 g.)
  • Barley 29 mg each 100gr. 58 mg per serving (200 g.)
  • Rye 24 mg each 100gr. 41 mg per serving (169 g.)
  • Bagel 20 mg each 100gr. 20 mg per serving (98 g.)
  • Rice 10 mg each 100gr. 16 mg per serving (158 g.)
  • Wholegrain rice 3 mg each 100gr. 6 mg per serving (202 g.)
  • Buckwheat each 100gr. per serving (170 g.)
  • Amaranth each 100gr. per serving (193 g.)
  • Corn cake each 100gr. per serving (98 g.)

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