Which cereals have the most FIBRE?


Vegetable fibre is a substance found in plants and can control weight-gain and can help avoid constipation. If you want to know which foods contain fibre, we recommend that you consult our rankings which will inform you of the cereals with the highest fibre content along with their main advantages.

Cereals, along with fruit and vegetables, are food high in fibre and should be included in your diet. However, their calories can vary. Although barley and oats are foods containing fibre, their calories can be substantially greater than others. Therefore, it is advisable that you consult our food calorie calculator to design a specific diet for you.

Ranking of cereals rich in fibre

If you are looking for high fibre food for constipation or you simply want a diet rich in fibre, have a look at this cereal table and make a note of the ones with the highest value. On the other hand you can also use it in reverse, because foods with vegetable fibre aren’t always beneficial for everyone.

  • Barley 15.6 g each 100gr. 31.2 g per serving (200 g.)
  • Oatmeal 15.4 g each 100gr. 14.5 g per serving (94 g.)
  • Rye 15.1 g each 100gr. 25.5 g per serving (169 g.)
  • Oats 10.1 g each 100gr. 8.2 g per serving (81 g.)
  • Bagel 4.1 g each 100gr. 4.0 g per serving (98 g.)
  • Wholegrain rice 1.6 g each 100gr. 3.2 g per serving (202 g.)
  • Rice 0.4 g each 100gr. 0.6 g per serving (158 g.)
  • Buckwheat each 100gr. per serving (170 g.)
  • Amaranth each 100gr. per serving (193 g.)
  • Corn cake each 100gr. per serving (98 g.)

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