Which cereals have the least CALORIES?


Cereals, mostly whole meal cereals, are foods that provide us with a lot of energy. However, not all cereals supply the same amount of calories. To know which cereals contain the least calories, take a look at this ranking.

In addition, it is advisable to take a look at the food calorie counter and you will gain an idea of the number of calories you should consume day to day. This way, you can correct your deficiencies, reinforce your strong points and design a personalised balanced diet with the cereals with the least amount of calories indicated below.

Cereals low in calories

When you prepare a breakfast or lunch with cereals low in calories, you should also find out which drink contains the least calories as this will help when preparing a complete and balanced menu. If you combine light cereals with a coffee or a decaffeinated coffee, you won’t only get the energy needed to get through the day, but it will also help to control your calories in a healthy, balanced way.

Finally, don’t forget that properties of cereals with the least amount of calories will be more effective if you follow a daily exercise routine.

  • Wholegrain rice 123 kcal each 100gr. 248 kcal per serving (202 g.)
  • Rice 130 kcal each 100gr. 205 kcal per serving (158 g.)
  • Corn cake 219 kcal each 100gr. 215 kcal per serving (98 g.)
  • Oatmeal 246 kcal each 100gr. 231 kcal per serving (94 g.)
  • Bagel 250 kcal each 100gr. 245 kcal per serving (98 g.)
  • Rye 338 kcal each 100gr. 571 kcal per serving (169 g.)
  • Buckwheat 343 kcal each 100gr. 583 kcal per serving (170 g.)
  • Barley 352 kcal each 100gr. 704 kcal per serving (200 g.)
  • Amaranth 371 kcal each 100gr. 716 kcal per serving (193 g.)
  • Oats 379 kcal each 100gr. 307 kcal per serving (81 g.)

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