Which dried fruits have the most CALORIES?


Dried fruit contain a lot of energy. However, not all dried fruit have the same amount of calories. Find out which dried fruit has the most calories by taking a look at this ranking. Dried fruit are great for snacking but it is recommended to know the calorie content of each one.

Knowing which dried fruits are high in carbohydrates in also very interesting, because carbohydrates and calories usually go hand in hand. Once you know this information you can start to use our food calorie counter and get an idea of the calories that you consume each day. This was you can make changes to your diet and avoid high calorie dried fruits for a balanced diet.

How many calories in dried fruits?

In the following dried fruit calorie table, you can see the calories content for various dried fruits. As you can see, Macadamia nuts, hazelnuts and walnuts aren’t recommended for losing weight, but dried fruit are essential for athletes as they provide lots of energy. Everything depends on the persons needs and necessities.

  • Macadamia nuts 718 kcal each 100gr. 962 kcal per serving (134 g.)
  • Hazelnuts 628 kcal each 100gr. 722 kcal per serving (115 g.)
  • Walnuts 590 kcal each 100gr. 856 kcal per serving (145 g.)
  • Sunflower seeds 584 kcal each 100gr. 269 kcal per serving (46 g.)
  • Almonds 579 kcal each 100gr. 828 kcal per serving (143 g.)
  • Peanuts 567 kcal each 100gr. 161 kcal per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Pistachio nuts 560 kcal each 100gr. 689 kcal per serving (123 g.)
  • Cashews 553 kcal each 100gr. 157 kcal per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Dates 277 kcal each 100gr. 66 kcal per serving ( g.)
  • Chestnut 196 kcal each 100gr. 56 kcal per serving (28.35 g.)

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