Which dried fruit has the most IRON?


Dried fruits are a food source full of nutrients and they have a number of health benefits. If you have an iron deficiency and need to introduce more foods rich in iron into your diet, use this ranking to help you add more iron to your diet.

Thanks to this table, you can find out which dried fruit has the most iron and how you can add them to your diet. Iron is necessary to oxygenate our cells and tissues correctly. Even though many people stay away from dried fruit because of the amount of calories, the truth is that it is a very healthy snack. There isn’t a problem with having a handful of dried fruits on occasions. If you are worried about the calories, you can use the food calorie calculator where you can access nutritional files for each food.

In the following table, you can see the order of dried fruit and the quantity of iron per 100 grams, ranked from highest to lowest. If there is one that is missing, it is possible that the quantity of iron is less than the last one.

  • Sunflower seeds 5.25 mg each 100gr. 2.42 mg per serving (46 g.)
  • Hazelnuts 4.7 mg each 100gr. 5.40 mg per serving (115 g.)
  • Peanuts 4.58 mg each 100gr. 1.30 mg per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Pistachio nuts 3.92 mg each 100gr. 4.82 mg per serving (123 g.)
  • Almonds 3.71 mg each 100gr. 5.31 mg per serving (143 g.)
  • Macadamia nuts 3.69 mg each 100gr. 4.94 mg per serving (134 g.)
  • Walnuts 3.28 mg each 100gr. 4.76 mg per serving (145 g.)
  • Cashews each 100gr. per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Chestnut each 100gr. per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Dates each 100gr. per serving ( g.)

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