Which dried fruit have the most POTASSIUM?


The following ranking will allow you to find out which dried fruits have the most protein. Dried fruits are full of nutrients beneficial to our bodies such as magnesium or folate along with a large amount of fibre. Even though many people say that they contain a lot of calories and carbohydrates, if you eat them in moderation, they are completely perfect in a balanced diet.

If you are looking for food rich in protein, you can include the dried fruits that are at the top of this list. Peanuts, walnuts and almonds are high in protein and should be added to a diet rich in protein.

In the following table, you have the dried fruits that contain the most protein. If you want to know more information about them, such as the calorie content or the health benefits, you can access each file by clicking on the image.

  • Peanuts 25.8 g each 100gr. 7.31 g per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Walnuts 21.4 g each 100gr. 31.03 g per serving (145 g.)
  • Almonds 21.15 g each 100gr. 30.24 g per serving (143 g.)
  • Sunflower seeds 20.78 g each 100gr. 9.56 g per serving (46 g.)
  • Pistachio nuts 20.16 g each 100gr. 24.80 g per serving (123 g.)
  • Cashews 18.22 g each 100gr. 5.17 g per serving (28.35 g.)
  • Hazelnuts 14.95 g each 100gr. 17.19 g per serving (115 g.)
  • Macadamia nuts 7.91 g each 100gr. 10.60 g per serving (134 g.)
  • Dates 1.81 g each 100gr. 0.43 g per serving ( g.)
  • Chestnut 1.63 g each 100gr. 0.46 g per serving (28.35 g.)

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