6 weird fruits that you’ve never heard of!


Pears, apples, strawberries, lemons, melons, bananas and oranges amongst other fruit are some of the most consumed fruits and are readily available at the supermarkets. They are well known and popular. But there are also a number of strange and exotic fruits that are less known by the general public. They have just as many benefits and their taste is something like you’ve never tasted before.

If you want to stick to well known fruit such as strawberries, find out which fruit has the most vitamin C to ensure you’re getting a full balanced diet.

The majority of exotic fruits are very tasty and are generally very sweet. We have made a list of interesting weird fruit that you can find below:


This exotic fruit originated from Southeast Asia can now be found across the world thanks to importation. It can now be found in Mexico and Hawaii. The name of this fruit comes from a Malay word meaning hairy which reflects its hairy outer shell. This fruit has a number of health benefits, because it contains a large number of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and proteins. It is ideal to fight against anaemia, fatigue and dizziness. Find out which other fruit has the most protein in order to plan the healthiest diet possible.


African horned cucumber

Also known as the blowfish fruit or a kiwano melon. This seasonal fruit with its spiky yellow exterior and juicy green interior is a fruit with vibrant contrasts. It tastes like a cross between a cucumber and a zucchini, and it is rich in both vitamin C and fibre. Native to Africa, it has been exported and cultivated as far away as New Zealand, Australia and Chile. This particular fruit comes from the same fruit family as the melon and water melon. With a sweet taste, it’s full of water and potassium and is also low in calories.


This exotic fruit is native to the Sunda islands and Moluccas and is easily identifiable by its purple colour and being very close to citrus fruit. It is a very desired fruit thanks to its succulent flavour and its great consistency. It has a high water, fibre and potassium content along with a significant amount of carbohydrates. From the fruits in your local supermarket, do you know which fruits contain the most potassium? Potassium will help with muscle cramps and other ailments during exercise.



Known for being the king of fruits where it was cultivated in Southeast Asia. This unique fruit is distinguished by its large size, its strong and unpleasant odour, as well as its spiky shell. In contrast the pulp is soft, sweet and creamy. Undoubtedly, it is a peculiar fruit that leaves people indecisive. Those who have had the opportunity to taste it have different opinions. With high calories, this exotic fruit won’t help you with your weight loss goals, but we recommend that you find out which fruits contain the least calories in order to monitor your calorie intake.

Dragon fruit

Even though the dragon fruit originates from Mexico, they are very popular in the Asian world, Australia and Israel. This wonderfully bizarre fruit has a number of benefits and is bursting with natural antioxidants which help fight against free radicals. This fruit has weight loss properties, find out which other fruit can help you lose weight. The dragon fruit is easily recognisable with its bright pink exterior and green spikes. But despite its harsh exterior, the fruit inside is soft and sweet-tasting.


Aguaje fruit

This strange red fruit is popular in the Amazon jungle and is covered in red scales, which must be peeled away to get to the flesh. The fruit is often eaten by scraping the flesh over your bottom teeth to separate it from a large internal seed. This exotic fruit is bursting with vitamins A and C. Find out which fruit contains the most vitamin C from the fruits available in your local supermarket.

Have you ever tried any of these rare fruits? We strongly advise you to try them if you ever get the opportunity to. Unique but tasty! Different but beneficial.

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