How many calories in beer?


Do you take into consideration what you drink when you’re on a strict diet plan? What you consume in terms of drink is just as important as what you consume in terms of food. There are many drinks available to us and each beverage contains different quantities of calories. Do you know which drink has the most calories? Find out how many calories you have been consuming with each drink.

As our bodies are made up of mostly water, it is important to drink enough liquids to stay hydrated throughout the day. Therefore drinks and beverages are essential in our daily diets. When you’re sitting around the table laughing and joking with your friends, it’s difficult to concentrate on anything but the taste of an ice cold beer. But do you know what else is included in a beer? Such as carbs, protein or fats?

Beer calories

What’s in beer?

There are many types of beer available in pubs, restaurants and supermarkets and all are made with different flavours and ingredients, therefore it’s difficult to specifically say what beer is made of because…there are just so many.

However, beer is usually made of water, grain, hops and yeast. Malted barley is the most commonly used cereal. It’s usually flavoured with hops to add bitterness to balance out the sweetness of the malt. Finally, brewer’s yeast ferments the brew into alcohol. Depending on the brand and the flavour, different beers are made with other cereals such as wheat, maize or rice. Other brands use fruits, herbs and spices to create a unique taste.

As the taste differs amongst different types of beers, so does the alcohol content. The alcohol content can range from 3% – 40% depending on the brand and components of the beer.

Calories in beer

We’ve all heard of the “beer belly” but it isn’t always beer that’s the culprit. Beer bellies can be caused from a number of things, but it usually means a bad diet. Too many calories of any kind can result in a beer belly and therefore it isn’t always beer that’s to blame.


When on a night out with friends, it’s easy to forget how many glasses of beer you’ve had. Drinking liquid doesn’t always make you feel the same fullness as food does. The average beer contains around 150 calories and therefore you rake up the calories with each glass. This figure can of course differ depending on the brand and manufacturer. But as an approximate, and average glass of beer contains 150 calories. You can also find out which foods contain the most calories to ensure you monitor your food calorie content as well as your drink calorie content.

Remember that alcohol makes you hungry. We all enjoy eating some nibbles while enjoying a cold pint of beer! But after several glasses of beer, your hunger increases and your inhibitions decrease resulting in eating more than you normally would. We have all craved pizza after a night out of drinking, therefore we recommend that you consult the food calorie counter to keep track of those calories.

Drink in moderation

So, how can you enjoy a night out with friends but still enjoy a pint of beer? You can reduce your alcohol intake which in return will save you some money. You will eventually be able to buy those pairs of shoes you’ve been wanting! Rather than drinking every weekend, reduce the number of times you go out.

Try something different with your friends that doesn’t involve alcohol. That way you reap the benefits of experiencing new things along with the benefits of fewer calories. You can also drink light beer, which on average has less calories (64 – 110 calories) If you want to eliminate beer from your diet altogether, find out which drinks have the least calories and try and add them into your diet.

Drinking is not good for your health and is only recommended in moderation. Heavy drinkers are at a higher risk of hypertension, strokes and weight gain amongst other things. Always remember that if you are drinking, do not drive!

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