Which cheese has the most PROTEIN?


Cheese, and in general, all dairy products, are rich in protein that should be included in a balanced diet. Protein is an essential food component which helps aid the development and repairing of cells in our bodies. However, like all food groups, the quantity of protein in cheeses can vary within different types of cheese.

If you are looking to create a diet rich in protein or you just want to know which cheese contains the most protein, take a look at this ranking and make a note of the cheeses high in protein and then create recipes to make sure you add them to your diet.

Cheese is a dairy product and contains calories therefore you should eat cheese in moderation. We recommend that you use the food calorie calculator in order to monitor your daily calorie intake and to ensure you aren’t surpassing the recommended daily amount.

Cheese rich in protein

Cheese with a low moisture content tends to contain more protein. As you can see from the list Parmesan cheese has the highest protein content of all cheeses. Cheese spreads, such as cottage cheese and ricotta cheese have some of the lowest protein content.

You can find out more nutritional information on each specific cheese by clicking on its name. Don’t forget that as well as protein, cheese contains fat. Therefore the calories in cheeses can be counteracted by a daily exercise routine.

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