Which dairy products have the least LACTOSE


Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk and dairy products and some people don’t have enough of an enzyme called lactase in their bodies to digest lactose. People who are lactose intolerant suffer from digestive problems such as diarrhoea and bloating.  Therefore following a diet low in lactose can help minimise these problems.Use this ranking to make a note of the products low in lactose and learn how you can incorporate these products into your diet.

However, you shouldn’t stop eating dairy products altogether as diary products provide essential nutrients. Dairy products contain calories therefore you should eat dairy products in moderation. We recommend that you use the food calorie calculator in order to monitor your daily calorie intake and to ensure you aren’t surpassing the recommended daily amount.

Dairy products low in lactose

Both processed and natural cheeses are lower in lactose than milk, especially ricotta and cottage cheeses and aged cheeses like cheddar, Parmesan, colby and Swiss. It is advised to consume these products in small amounts and monitor your calorie intake. Calories can be counteracted by a daily exercise routine.

If you continue to have problems with your digestion, it’s advisable to seek professional advice from your doctor.

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