Which milk has the most PROTEIN?


Proteins are essential to help manage and develop our bodies and dairy products such as milk are foods rich in this nutrient. However, not all milks contain the same amount of protein. If you don’t know which milk has the most protein, and you need more information in order to create a balanced diet, then this ranking below has a detailed classification of milks high in protein. Do you know them all?

Milk, cereals and legumes are foods with protein and should be included in a healthy diet, and thanks to the food protein calculator, you can find out concrete figures. However, it is advisable to think about calories because an excess can affect your diet. Therefore, take a look at the food calorie counter and find out all the possibilities.

Which milk has the most protein?

Milk has protein and is very important when designing a specific protein diet. Thanks to the table below, specifically designed to proteins in milk, you can find out the amount of protein in skimmed milk or soy milk.

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