Which foods have the least POTASSIUM?


Potassium is an essential nutrient and should be included in a healthy, balanced diet. When we think of potassium, we always think of bananas, but you may be surprised to know that there are many other foods that are rich in potassium.

A lack of potassium in your body can cause some negative consequences, however having high potassium levels could also be negative. Are you looking for a low potassium diet and you want to know which foods have the least amount of potassium? Check out this ranking and make a note of the foods rich in potassium and try and avoid them from your diet.

Foods low in potassium

As you can see from the potassium table, soybeans, pistachios and other types of beans are all high in potassium that exceeds the level in bananas. These are the foods to avoid if you want a low potassium diet. It is important to know the recommended daily allowance of potassium to ensure you are getting enough, but not too much.

You can also use this table in reverse if you want a diet rich in potassium. Make note of the fruit with the highest levels of potassium and incorporate them into your diet.

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